To improve coal delivery technology and to meet the needs of partners we purchased large-capacity open top containers which are produced on individual request with reinforced body structure.

The entire container fleet is registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, entered into the information systems of Russian Railways and has no restrictions on the timing of travel.

Transportation in Open top

An alternative method of transportation of bulk, oversized, volumetric cargoes provides an opportunity to transport:
bulk cargoes;
consumer goods;
industrial equipment;
household goods, electrical goods, etc.;
raw materials for plants, including hazardous ones;
car, equipment, special equipment;
car, equipment, special equipment;
oversized cargo.


Overall connectors, mm 6058 x 2550 x 2896 mm
Gross weight, kg 35000
Gross weight, kg 2680
Net weight, kg 32320

Transportation of goods in containers allows:

reduce the load on the railway infrastructure, reducing the processing time of rolling stock at border stations, increase the delivery speed;

eliminate the need to transfer cargo to rolling stock when setting to another track;

to limit the cases of changes in chemical characteristics, freezing of cargo that occur, including when exposed to atmospheric precipitation due to the presence of an awning installed on the frame structure of the upper part of the container, developed by the manufacturer on a special order, which ensures the unconditional safety of the transported cargo.

The designated option allows storage of containers according to the technology up to 5-6 tiers without violating the integrity of the structure;

purchase additional tariff preferences for container transportation, which are provided by the state authorities of the partner countries.